CBD Oil Not Working For Me WHY?

CBD oil, hemp seeds and marijuana leaf
Source: Cosmetics Design Europe


Most people who buy inferior quality products end up returning it. But, before you buy CBD oil and discover that it can’t treat you from your condition, consider that there usually a significant discrepancy in terms of quality that separate one cannabis brand from the other. Although, most people use magic mushrooms for one of two reasons: either for fun, or as a spiritual ritual. At lower doses, psilocybin can certainly be simply enjoyable, making the experience a pleasant, mind altering trip.

For instance, most people complain that cannabidiol oil sold at nearby shops don’t work. The legalization of cannabis has been beneficial in many ways, but it has also led to many low-quality products. And sadly, many of these products are found in mediocre “CBD dispensaries,” which don’t sell high-quality products.  

However, this is mostly based on the current legal situation cannabis as a whole: although most states are establishing laws on their behalf, the use of marijuana is still not recognized by the federal government. Therefore, CBD is not an approved therapy or medicinal treatment which makes it not subject to any form of consistent regulation.

Because of this, scam companies can develop any oil and market it as “medicinal grade CBD oil.” Sadly, people end up buying this fake product which is a medicinally-useless concoction of olive, palm, or coconut oil which contain little or no hemp seed oil. It’s essential to know that before extracting CBD from cannabis or hemp, you need specialized tools. 

If you did a laboratory test on the CBD oil bought at a local store, you would realize that it will contain little or no CBD. Before getting the therapeutic/medicinal effects of CBD, you are required to buy a quality product that’s been manufactured by a reputable company which uses correct CBD extraction techniques.

Wrong Product

Many people don’t know the difference between CBD and hemp. CBD can be extracted from hemp, but larger quantities of hemp can be extracted directly from the actual cannabis plant. This means that if you’ve bought a “hemp seed oil” or a “hemp cannabidiol oil” from an online store, then you won’t notice any medicinal or pain-relieving impacts. This is because hemp is not much more than a nutritional dietary supplement and it’s not considered as a medicine.

However, it is also essential to know that high-quality medicinal grade CBD products are manufactured from hemp plants. The only issue is that the extraction process is tedious and expensive. 

Most companies that market “hemp cannabidiol oil,” usually use chemical solvents such as butane or hexane to “wash” out raw hemp material. Although small components of CBD may remain in the final product, it won’t have sufficient concentration to provide any medical relief.

On the other hand, trusted brands use costly pressurized CO2 equipment to extract high amounts of hemp at a time, and this usually results in potent, medicinal-grade CBD concentration. Products from such companies can relieve pain, inflammation, reduce seizures, minimize stress and anxiety, and so on.

Sadly, it is difficult to separate the “legitimate” brands and the brands that sell glorified hemp seed oil in the name of “therapeutic cannabidiol oil.” To get the right product, you must look for a product that has a 2-3% CBD ratio.

Not Laboratory Tested

Buying the right cannabis products will also be based on some chemical experiments. It’s good to buy products that have been tested in a laboratory and for this to happen, make sure you buy from brands that offer 100% transparency to their customers like ItsPrimo. Most trusted brands ensure that their products go through third-party testing to guarantee safety, quality, and potency of the products. Some essential laboratory test includes; Gas Chromatography Tests, Certificates of Analysis, Potency Tests and Antimicrobial Tests.